I am a documentary maker with a fascination for people who follow their ideals in spite of the consequences, and need to deal with the collision between dream and reality.

Born in Sweden in 1974, I have been living in The Netherlands for over twenty years. After graduating from the audio-visual department of the Rietveld Academy in 2002, I soon ventured into making television documentaries (Life is Somewhere Else (2006), Displaced (2008)), turning to radio and podcasts in 2008.

My first full length radio documentary, A UFO in Israel, was broadcast both on Dutch public radioand in Sweden. I then started working with a group of Dutch radio producers on aseries of documentaries that lasted only 60 seconds, which was awarded with the Special Prix Europa for Best European Documentary. With the same team we made several other radio- and podcast series, including Plots - a monthly program full of strange, personal, true stories around one theme. Plots won several prizes, including the Zilveren Reissmicrofoon, the highest award in Dutch radio.

After having made several series as a group, I finally made my own podcast: Opgejaagd (Hunted). It became my biggest, most personal and demanding project so far. Opgejaagd is a podcast in 9 episodes and was triggered by what I experienced in my personal life, but turned into an investigation of a whole country’s school- and childcare system. For the series I followed my own family for two and a half years, trying to find out if we needed to move from The Netherlands to Sweden to get proper childcare and education for our daughters. In the end we decide to escape the system without leaving the country. Opgejaagd won the Prix Europa for best digital audio in 2018.

I am currently working on my first international podcast, The Conspiracy, together with my husband Jair Stein. The project is a collaboration between us, Munck Studios and CBC, the Canadadian Broadcasting Corporation, and will be launched in the spring of 2021. In The Conspiracy we investigate one of the largest murder investigations in history: the assassination of Swedish prime minister Olof Palme in 1986. It is a story about a crime that hasn’t been solved in over 34 years. But it is also a story about the perils of trying to find the truth, in a world where everybody can create their own story out of the millions of available puzzle pieces, and the millions of pieces missing.

Aside from making documentaries I also make commissioned works (such as audio tours and podcasts) and give lectures, workshops and masterclasses.

Castricum, September 2021