Since I made the podcast Opgejaagd I have been asked to give lectures in all kind of different settings and to different people; from festivals to classrooms, from educationprofessionals to documentarystudents. Every time I make a different lecture, tailored for a different audience (in Dutch, English or Swedish).

There are many aspects to focus on. For instance: How to navigate a story that is both personal and investigative? How to make a story spanning over so many episodes keeping the dramatic arc in mind? How to deal with the communication strategy, in order to reach the most impact? What’s the difference between the Dutch and the Swedish system? And much more..

Lectures: Art Academy Bezalel, Jeruzalem, Israel / The Art School of Gotland, Zweden / VPRO seizoenspresentatie, Hilversum / Nederlands Jeugd Instituut, Utrecht / Basiskamp ‘Entre nous’, Drenthe / Dus, Het Volkshotel, Amsterdam / Luister in het Duister, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam / Swea, Amsterdam / Lerarentekort Hackathon, Amsterdam / Kennisfestival Netoo (onderwijskundigen), Laage Vuursche / Conferentie: Leve het jonge kind, Utrecht / Prix Europa, Berlijn / Design Academy, Eindhoven / Pabo, Leiden / RUW, Den Bosch / Nacht van de Filosofie, Groningen / Conferentie voor Verhalende Journalistiek, Amsterdam / Toespraak tijdens de lerarenstaking, Den Haag / Podcastseminaar Beeld en Geluid, Hilversum

To discuss/book a lecture mail me at: post@jenniferpettersson.com

I am represented by ZijSpreekt