Het Stedelijk Museum

video / various lengths / 2012 - 2013

At the Stedelijk Museum I had the pleasure to work with the Blikopeners and teach them a bit about filmmaking. Blikopeners are young people who work for the museum and who’s task it is to connect young people with art.

In 2012 I together with the Blikopeners made a film about the suddenly blue lit Vondelpark and it’s nightly visitors. A year later we made a series of short films about works in the collection of the museum that we called Insiders. By scanning a QR code next to the work the smartphone of the visitor would turn into a screen for viewing. The idea was to make 1 minute films where the artist tells something personal about the origin of the work.

I often use filmmaking outside the context of film, during different types of coaching trajectories. I for instance made films together with people with a psychiatric background or a short documentary with architect students researching an area in Rotterdam undergoing a lot of change. Through UNICEF and The One Minute Foundation I also give video workshops to children all over the world (Egypt, Turkey, America, China etc.) Through the workshops the children make contact with the medium of film and get a chance to tell their stories.

BlikopenersBlues before sunrise

In March 2012 The Stedelijk Museum presented a project by artist Steve McQueen in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. For Blues Before Sunrise all 275 street lanterns spread blue light instead of white, and the nightly atmosphere in the park was completely transformed. Together with Blikopeners Lou Mouw and Gaia Suyling Smit I made an impression of the park and it’s visitors.

Insiders #1 Rory Pilgrim - Open

​Rory Pilgrim is an artist who distrusts the use of irony. Instead he makes open and vulnerable work.

Insiders #2Eric van Lieshout - Pim Fortuyn diary

Eric van Lieshout tried to understand the death of politician Pim Fortuyn.

Insiders #3Robert Rauschenberg - Charlene

For this painting the artist wasn’t available (died in 2008) so we asked Marian Cousijn to tell us something about an object in the painting. Marian researched the life and work of Robert Rauschenberg for over a year.